> wait

Time passes...

Shyly, a unicorn peeks out of the hedges. It notices the princess and seems captivated. It approaches her and bows its head as though curtseying to her. Around its neck is a red satin ribbon on which is strung a delicate gold key. The princess takes the ribbon and uses it to tie up her hair. She looks at you and then, smiling, hands you the key and a fresh rose which she plucks from the arbor. "You may have use of such a thing," she says. "It is the least I can do for one who rescued me from a fate I dare not contemplate." With that, she mounts the unicorn (side-saddle, of course) and rides off into the gloom.

Your sword is no longer glowing.

> i

You are carrying:

A delicate gold key
A perfect rose
A blue crystal sphere
A brick
A newspaper
A matchbook
A black string
A sword
A lamp (providing light)

> examine the rose

A rose is a rose is a rose....